Ape Nation Silver Dollar Coming Soon

Ape Nation Silver Dollar Coming Soon


Ape On A Rocket


The idea for this was sparked by the massive amount of love and support here on Reddit in the APE family. The idea is that after AMC and other various stocks moon we should have a weekend long celebration in Las Vegas. So I threw a post up about it and what do you know, you apes like to party, I never would have guessed. So with that being said welcome to amcmoonparty.com

As we grow here at AMC Moon Party

So as AMC Moon Party evolves into bigger and better things we realize that we really want to give back to the community in a big way. One of the things we want to do is start a charity geared towards financial education for our children. Our children should be given the tools and knowledge of finances at a much earlier age. This way they can have a much better understanding of what life may throw at them and how to deal with it. Our next idea is to start a mission to get our veterans off the streets and give them the life they deserve. Please stay tuned for more information regarding these projects.